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More than just a pool table that doubles as a dining room table,

this unique and distinctive concept is also an organizational solution for numerous pool players and architects. It brings together people from all generations for an enjoyable festive or sporting moment. It is also a unique original and timeless upmarket object that will remain the centerpiece of your home. Designed to entertain, the Fusion table has exactly what is needed to create wonderful and unforgettable moments for you, your family and guests, all in a resolutely contemporary setting.

All Fusion transformable pool tables are fitted with the Easy-Lift system. This allows you to raise and lower the pool table, without any effort, from 29.5” to the official height for a comfortable game of pool. The system does not require any specific maintenance and is fitted with a patented automatic two-level fastening system to ensure a stable, regular and flat playing area when the table is in the raised position.


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